Wanhao Duplicator i3 Specs

The components on the Duplicator i3 generate high temperatures and moveextremely fast. Reaching inside of the Duplicator i3 while it is in operation may cause injury.Stay clear of the printer frame perimeter while the machine is in operation. Always control theDuplicator i3 from the rotary dial on the front of the printer or via the computer software. Neverpush or pull any of the components by hand. After a print, make sure your printer is off and thatyour nozzle is no longer hot before removing a model from the printer.

WanHao i3 v2 Specification

  • Machine Type: Wanhao i3v2 3D Printer
  • Best ambient Temperature: ≥25°c
  • Print precision: 0.1 MM(Minimal)
  • Build Size: 200 X 200 X 180MM
  • Extruder quantity: MK10 Single extruder
  • Speed: 10-70MM/S adjustable
  • Positioning accuracy: z 0.004MM,xy 0.012MM
  • Extruder Diameter: 0.4MM
  • Recommended Extruder Temperature: 190-210°c( Maximum can be set to 260°c)
  • Heating plate temperature: 40-70°c( proper winter warming and Summer appropriate cooling)
  • Power Supply unit: 110V or 220V,240W,50HZ, 0.89A
  • Connection: Via TF card or usb,sd card.
  • Printer reading Format: gcode
  • Compatibility: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, linux, Mac ox
  • Certification: FCC,CE, CB Unit Weight: 10Kg
  • Printer unfolding Size: 400 X 410 X400MM
  • Package Size: 500X480X300MM Material
  • Type: ABS and PLA Filamentss Material Specifications: 1.75 MM in
  • Diameter5 Material colors : Wanhao classic 40 colors
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