Solidworks vs Autocad – Which one is better?

A comparison from double CAD apps is one that can be carried out with empirical truths so as to stimulate the community simply to select between them. Thus, making a comparison and contrasting from Solidworks or Autocad can be completed by initial outlining the crucial attributes those CAD apps get and mention their capabilities as design tools. To precisely do it, particular parameters can be used to measure their design abilities and how they might be used as tools by the average user.

Before moving to how the comparison can be created, it is crucial to know the fundamental reasons why all software apps were developed. This description might offer insight into why all apps are basically utilized for various designing campaigns. AutoCAD is an initial design app with an annual release date built better for use as the 2D architectural drawing tool during SolidWorks was provided to supply the app for the user looking to design 3D models. However, the CAD software apps could even do additional work like 3D modeling for 2D drawing and Autocad from Solidworks.


Some criteria for evaluating both apps

As referred previously, those comparisons can be finished with the usage of particular parameters or criteria to make better ways that might permit you to know what every software app has to provide. That might support individuals reading that including you and make decisions during selecting the design software app. Here are the selected criteria below


The assigned industry app of the CAD software is super crucial for its usage and that is because of the truth that CAD apps are regularly developed with particular industries in the brain. 

File types

The various kinds of files which an app assists are even a factor to care about if you want to use CAD commercially. That is since you might be requested to submit campaigns in specific formats to various customers. 


The various kinds of attributes and tools utilized for drawing and modeling can be referred to coupled with how they made assignments easy for clients. Those criteria might move in-depth in the attempt to cover most of the attributes for CAD apps like modeling attributes and electrical design. That can be completed using a contrasting format so as to truly offer a good image of how all apps might be utilized by you. 

Learning Curve

The CAD app’s learning might not be viewed as a simple job, but the attributes built-in into specific design apps make that job even quite tougher than it can be. That criterion will try to cover the learning curves related to each. 

Solidworks and Autocad’s comparison

Initially, a comparison displaying the popular properties of all apps using the criteria might be discovered. 


Autocad and Solidworks bring a lot of similarities and the verticals where they are put. AutoCAD was greatly created for construction and architectural design, but its 3D modeling abilities even make it a better tool for technical design. 

Next, Solidworks even fills those roles and it might be utilized to design 2D architectural designs and various construction drafts while as the 3D modeling software, it is utilized for the technical community to design 3D mechanical parts. Finally, all CAD apps would be used by anybody to draw or model characters for usage. 

File types

If you have been referred to CAD, then knowing that Autodesk has particularly been at the design pyramid’s top for many years can be precious during saving files. Next, DXF and DWG file formats have got the spot like the industry-standard file types, but both applications assist the diverse file types’ usage on their interface. Those file types contain such as DWG, DXF, and SAT. 


As claimed previously, all CAD apps are great tools for drawing 2D drafts and making 3D models. Those CAD software apps are equipped with tool menus to achieve design tasks. The client interfaces for apps are even so intuitive and designed to straightforwardly fundamental design jobs for people. The usage of command lines and adjustable shortcuts as drawing supports is the next similarity they can share for they were constructed with intuitive work. 

Besides, AutoCAD and Solidworks might be used for assembling parts, cost evaluation, and rendering models based on what the client wants to achieve. Last but not least, cloud storage abilities are built-in for all apps to assist clients in simply sharing and saving working campaigns. 

Learning Curve

The learning process associated with CAD apps might not easily be compared to how rapidly one is capable of drawing or modeling on every base, but on how simply one might take advantage of those apps to tackle tough projects. From this vein, the learning curve combined with mastering 2D drawings using AutoCAD or Solidworks is super steep for initial clients but rather simple for anybody who has got the experience with computer-supported design. 

Thus, we make sure that the learning procedure to use any of those apps as the 2D drawing tool is a bit similar and being knowledgeable about any might offer the client crucial engineering-know-how on taking the kind of CAD app. 

On top of it, those are certainly the most crucial solutions where all software apps are the same and might be claimed to get the ability to do the same design campaigns. That being discussed, the distinctions from software apps are what makes users stand out and those contrasting attributes might play a big role in your option of the design app during selection. 

Contrasting Solidworks and AutoCad


Even though all software apps might particularly be utilized like design apps with distinctive industries, the fact even remains that they were developed for particular industry verticals. When it comes to AutoCAD design, the automotive industry is the industry it was specifically developed to serve. 

Thus, it supports expandable attributes assisting design campaigns of the aforementioned verticals. In the other words, Solidworks was designed for a big client platform and that could be mirrored by the modeling attributes and drafting you can seek for its interface. Then, the industries which are local to its use such as quick prototyping, energy, and engineering industry. That industries’ plethora listed is because of the truth that software apps are greatly a 3D modeling tool that is precisely how design operates with the industries it concentrates on. 

File types

As mentioned before, Autodesk products have made the pace for the usage of DXF or DWG files in computer-supported design, but with the advent of various design apps sporting their file formats, the cruciality of the interface which assists the usage of each kind of file format is crucial to designers. Thus, it can be compatible with some files such as ACIS, HOOPS, HPGL, and WRL. 

As for Solidworks, the various file types it assists are limited and AutoCAD specifically takes all of the files it assists. For the file support, Solidworks functions with the more common files utilized by CAD apps and they contain PDF and DWG. Thus, in this case, AutoCAD arrives ahead because you might fundamentally import designs with no matter how its format into its workspace to save or customize in various formats. 


As for functionality, both applications get a wide range of distinctions that might be referred to in detail there as the CAD apps capability to function is the most crucial component of its usage. Even though all apps share a lot of similarities in terms of attributes, and some key distinctions abound. 

Collaboration attributes

AutoCAD is assisted to help the designs’ conversion from 2D drawings to 3D models, whereas Solidworks can not get the capacity to tackle file conversion. Besides, while AutoCAD models might be utilized in collaboration with the 3D printer, Solidworks models are specifically uploaded with the slicer software before being taken for 3D printing. 

High modeling attributes

Before moving in-depth to refer to the contrasting attributes from all apps out there, it is crucial you keep in mind that AutoCAD is mainly the 2D drawing app, unlike Solidworks. Thus, Solidworks is equipped with a wide range of ultimate attributes which makes 3D modeling intuitive and easy for each CAD client. 

On top of it, most of its ultimate attributes contain the capability to make organic shapes, heal, and implement deviation analysis. In other words, AutoCAD is not supported to deal with those creations or analyses, but for people seeking out the Autodesk product which could, having a look at Inventor might be worth the hassle. 

Architectural attributes

As for architectural design attributes consisting of both apps, the reverse of what happened to the discussion of ultimate modeling attributes is the case. AutoCAD is an architectural design app, whereas Solidworks is not. Thus, it is built with great attributes to tackle like designs. 

By AutoCAD, designs that relate to landscaping, integrating survey outcomes, and walls’ design in floor planning might be simply achieved. In the other words, while Solidworks might be utilized for designing construction parts and even textures, it might not equip with the tools wanted to document core architectural campaigns. 

Electrical design attributes

Technicians even take advantage of CAD to design schematic drawings, and more ultimate electrical systems and analyze how they can specifically function. Solidworks is fully supported to deal with electrical design jobs, whereas AutoCAD is highly limited in that type. 

Sheet metal design

Metalwork is even somewhat reliant on CAD. That is because of the truth that CAD offers authentic simulations and tools to assist clients in making placement sketches and even attempt the new initiatives. From Solidworks, you might calculate or deduce bend allowance, and use bend tables during operating with metal and even sheets. 

Apart from it, AutoCAD lacks all those attributes because of the niche it supplies solely as well. Thus, the next look at Inventor as Autodesk’s option to tackle metalwork might be seen for people hell-bent on keeping going with their AutoCAD experience. 

Learning Curve

We have mentioned before the similarities from the learning curves associated with all apps. When it comes to contrasts from both learning curves, it is essential to highlight that Solidworks is equipped with practicing programs and built-in training attributes which assist you simply in getting acquainted with taking its interface as your modeling workspace. Next, AutoCAD even supports training routes, but no training attributes are built in its workspace. 

However, that can not hinder ones’ learning procedure for here are materials online dedicated to assisting you in seeking your path in AutoCad and learning the ideal positions to make the most of its expandable attributes. 

Finally, knowing those difficulties, Autodesk has made most of all its CAD apps free to registered pupils searching for the ultimate design app to operate with. That freedom assists with its challenge like the watermarks’ appearance on each drawing you take advantage of using the free student version. Solidworks, in the other words, provides without package except for the buyout clause which supports every released version. 

Final thoughts

We expect that you can widen your horizon about the differences between AutoCAD and Solidworks. Last but not least, which one is better? The answer is based on your preferences, and job requirements as well.           

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