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Top 21 Small Shop Vacs of January 2022

Cleaning the hard mess might be an exhausting process. Looking for a piece of strong equipment to assist you in gathering all the dirt both at the work area and around your lovely home might be quite tricky.  

Particularly if you are taking into consideration a vacuum that might clean up water, oil, and dry waste. Even though seeking that magical tool seems impossible, there is luckily a flexible and state-of-the-art machine that might do all that job: the perfect small shop vac. 

Beginning with the construction site, to the various diverse woodworking workshops, the mess those areas are manufacturing can request the ideal vacuums. As you can imagine, the typical household units might not be capable of dealing with the dirt and also heavy-duty tasks. 

At the time, we will show you the best small shop vacs with their features, and technical facts. Keep scrolling to look for those versions and a beneficial purchasing guide to making you do smart shopping. 

Buying Guide

Before going shopping, it is crucial to care about the most essential elements which can help you in the process of selecting the ideal small shop vac for you and your demands. Here is our list of attributes to remember below.  


What to begin with the size attribute? While purchasing the best small shop vacs, it is crucial to focus on the tank capacity and the size of the machine. Suppose yourself holding that version in the backyard, or on the building site, even for your house in general.

If you understand you get to carry that equipment all around, then obtaining the industrial-sized version might not be a great initiative.

If you are seeking out the lightweight shop vac, please search for some between 8 and 14-gallon capacity. That version might be sufficient for sanitizing all zones nearby the home. In addition to that, you could simply store them in the storage room.

In the other words, if you get to deal with heavy-duty tasks, please stick with a larger than 14-gallon small shop vac in case of sanitizing big commercial warehouses.

Tank material

The next crucial attribute to remember is the tank material. Some of the small shop vacs are derived from long-lasting plastic, and that is the most common material you might look for at this moment. Plastic is particularly preferred because of the super lightweight highlight. They are simple to hold nearby from one to another.

On top of it, if you do not need to select plastic, then you might stick with the stainless steel tanks, common for heavy-duty work zones. If you get to sanitize the work zones, like workshops, or construction sites, please take into consideration stainless steel small shop vacs.


Filters are important, so long as you do not need all the dust particles to move into the air. The filters might not make all the dirt particles blow into the air, and they might operate super similarly for wet dry shop vacs as for the frequent ones.

As usual, the filters are derived from foam. That way, they can be able to clean up all these fluid residues, but also the heavy dust deposits. If the small shop vac can not equip with other separate filters, you might purchase some others and offer the old one a refresh.


The mess might occur anywhere in the home, or on the construction site. As such, you need to prepare for the case. It is where the portability attributes come in and play a crucial role. If you are wanting to use that version, and hold it into the garage in the car, or various rooms, then you might keep alert to the portability attribute.

If you are seeking out a simple and portable version, then you have to test its weight. For example, an expandable hose might permit you to reach all these tight zones.

Integrated blower port

Do you particularly want that attribute in the cleaning life? Or could you select the affordable choice of the shop vac cleaner without the blower port? However, if you are searching for the shop vac to take out the debris from the workspace, or just sanitize the garden from the dry leaves, you might want a built-in blower port.


The storage aspect is usually an issue when it discusses heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. It feels like there is not sufficient space for your equipment through the storage space. However, if you are going to deposit in the tiny corner, or the basement closet, then it is vital to initially care about the space, then the size of the best small shop vacs.

If you are paying more attention, you might seek other wall-mountable shop vacs which are equipped with unique wall brackets that are fabulous for when it discusses space-saving.

Ease of use

Nobody needs a tough machine to maneuver. As such, you want to test the size and weight of the equipment you are going to purchase. Those easy truths might make you realize how simple or tough it can be to hold the shop vac by taking the handles or not.

In addition to that, the handles might simplify the process of emptying the storage tank.


As usual, the best small shop vacs are equipped with a wide range of accessories to make your task simple. Before buying the good version, please make sure these accessories apply to the work you are doing.

For example, if you might be using that vacuum for the garage, you can search for a small shop vac that equips with a built-in blower. But if your key target is to sanitize the car or the home, then search for a vacuum that supports car accessories or corner accessories.


There is no need to claim that the next crucial element is value vs quality. You might never overlook the value. Firstly, you might identify the budget. Then, you do good research and track if your budget fits the value you are seeking out.

Look around the choices which fit you best. There are such a host of choices at this moment. If you need any equipment which might last you a lifetime, then you can invest more time in your research. Besides, you have to make sure that you can not do any compromises on the future vacuum’s quality. What you are saving currently can be the price, you might pay for stable repairs and even maintenance.


Finally, it is quite vital to discuss the warranty issue. As such, you can stick with the best small shop vacs which equip with a minimum one year warranty. That is an easy attribute, that claims much more about the plant’s credibility.

If you did not get any issue through the warranty, then other plants can make you extend the warranty period for a little fee.

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1. Vacmaster Professional - Professional Wet/Dry Vac (Overall pick - Best overall small shop vacs)

This Vacmaster professional dry/wet is a bit smaller. On the other hand, it is particularly five gallons in total. However, it can be huge enough for your standard homeowner. It will not accommodate a lot of room and is super stout. Even if you are low on space, you might be capable of storing it somewhere super simple. 

The hose storage is integrated that can make it seem super clean when it is put away. The cord is 18-inch long. That length might be plenty for other users. There is built-in cord storage on the shop vac. Then, that equipment brings a leading efficiency motor and is quite strong for its size. That motor is convenient during sanitizing water because of its high suction. You could even simply transform it into the blower. When you perhaps will not use that attribute excessively, it is particularly useful when you do want it.


- It comes in all five gallons.

- It has sturdy suction.

- It is super storable.

- It can transform into a blower.


- There are no wheels for you to select.

2. Armor All, 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum (Budget pick - Best cheap small shop vacs)

It is tinier than the initial one we evaluated. This Armor version is around 2.5 gallons that are half the size of the most tinier shop vacs. The engine is much less powerful at all. It was among the weakest which we checked.

In spite of how cheap it is, that shop vac does come with the blower feature. It is effortless to turn from the blow to such at all. As for storage, that shop vac is around as storable as it is. There is a cord wrap for the cord. That attribute is very beneficial offered how long the cord is. There is an onboard hose and accessory storage as well. As the machine is quite tinier, it simply suits beneath the table or in a closet while you are not using it.

However, the small size does prove you will want to empty it more regularly. If you are a homeowner who can not plan on taking it much more, though, that could not be a considerable issue. If you want to save more bucks, it is the ideal small shop vac for the money.


- It is super tiny.

- It has a blower function.

- It provides onboard storage.


- It offers a weak motor.

3. DEWALT DXV09P 9 gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac, Yellow (Premium pick - Best premium small shop vacs)

That shop vac is a piece of handy equipment that brings a huge 9-gallon tank so that it might hold some water and dirt. It is among the ideal vacuum as it is durable yet still made for portability as it carries a handle and wheels with 360 degrees rotation making transportation simple.

It offers big rear wheels which make it proper for huge spaces. It is among the ideal shop vacs as it brings a 20-foot power cord offering you more reach, so no corner is left untouched. That shop vac equips with an accessory bag that might be utilized for storing all your extra versions, such as the additional hose, and the utility nozzle with ease.

It is quite lightweight for simple carrying, and it comes with an effortless operation with a huge on/off switch. That is a multi-function shop vac which equips a big tank with an integrated drain making cleaning simple? The drain provides an enhancement in cleaning out the vac as you will not get your hands dirty.

That Dewalt DXV09P shop vac is among the best as it is particularly handy, as it equips with 360-degree wheels, or accessory bag and carry handle making transportation effortless.


- It offers better vac and attributes.

- It contains accessory storage.

- It provides you with a long power cord.

- The shop-vac is multi-functional.


- Some users complained about the small hose’s diameter.      

4. CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vac (Value pick - Best value small shop vacs)

Another small shop vac that you should concentrate on is Craftsman. In the other words, it is built to be strong, and heavy-duty equipment. However, it is lacking in various ways. First of all, it brings a bit of a “poisonous” smell. That can not be a huge bargain, but it is not joyful to claim the least. The stench feels to be made by the engine’s heat is troublesome.

On top of it, it is even decently bulky as well. If you are worried about portability, that perhaps is not the ideal vacuum for you. In spite of its tiny size, it is not that simple to store or transport. The accessories are not high-quality. The car hose might leave tiny marks on your car’s interior, and particularly affect weaker fabrics.


- It provides you with 16 gallons.

- It offers an integrated blower port.

- It comes with double-flex tech.


- It is quite bulky.

- It has an unpleasant smell.   

5. STANLEY Wet/Dry Vacuum SL18115, Stainless Steel Tank (Home pick - Best home small shop vacs)

If you need a trustworthy compact shop vac that does what you want it to do, then we highly suggest that you should go with a Stanley vacuum cleaner. Its compact size was built for simple storage. Next, it might suit most tight zones, and its mildly flat top permits you to store it below various items.

The vacuum’s power is perfect for all messes. It comes with a 4-peak horsepower motor which conveys around 85 CFM. When it can not be the sturdiest suction at this moment, it could deal with most jobs. As for homeowners, it could also pick out pet hair.

One of the advantages of that vacuum is that you might make it clean by using its dust bags. When the bags are optional, it does help hold the rest of the vacuum cleaner clean. The caveat is that you even want to empty that bag after sanitization.

All the dry filters and the foam are capable of removing the vacuum cleaner and even washing. That decreases the number of times you want to purchase state-of-the-art filters.


- It has four-peak horsepower.

- It provides you with a compact design.

- It brings washable filters.


- The cleaning filters might be annoying.


1. What is the tiniest shop vac?

The Armor all version is the tiniest shop vac at this moment. Its compact size can make it perfect for sanitizing small zones or zones which request more finesse.

2. Is it good to use the shop vacuum cleaner without the filter?

As you have studied about the small shop vacuum cleaner, those equipment are super strong and flexible. As such, it is usually great to get them near your duties. Next, remember that you might take the small shop vacuum without filter only when cleaning wet more liquids. If you might not use the filter for dry debris, you could risk the vacuum getting clogged.

3. What kind of shop vac filter might I select?

The most flexible one might be the particular household filtration level. When it comes to medium debris, such as sand, and so forth; you might grab a filter with a medium filtration level.

4. Could you take the shop vac as a standard vacuum?

Sure, you might purchase it. You can pay more than for a standard vacuum cleaner. In reality, more users can take the shop vac for home vacuuming since they are more strong and bring better suction force. That way, the standard sanitization process can be quite simple.

5. Should you take out the filter during vacuum wet dirt?

Yes, you can. Filters are suitable for avoiding dust from blowing out. However, as for wet surfaces, you might want to eliminate them entirely. Otherwise, the liquids might ruin all those filters.

6. Could I reuse the filters of the shop vac?

Of course, you might clean the filters and use them again. You can usually get other reusable filter bags with you so that you might be certain that you might clean the type of mess.

7. Are small shop vacs quiet?

As usual, they are quieter than the big models. They regularly get smaller motors that prove they are particularly less loud in general. However, there are even some small shop vacs that are super loud, whereas others could be super quiet. It just is up to the version which you buy.

8. Are the best small shop vacs sturdy?

They are often plenty powerful for other usages. However, professionals can grab a sturdy shop vac with a strong motor. The smaller shop vacs often get less power in particular, though that is often fine for their tinier frames.

Wrapping It Up

As you have realized, the ideal small shop vacs come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and price tags. However, there are other popular attributes that make them perfect for various kinds of jobs. Last but not least, if you need our help, please spend your time leaving your comments below. Thank you!