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Top 21 Shoe Deodorizer of September 2022

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend as much time in your running shoes as you should. You spent all that money on your new racing pair and all you can do is swap them out for new ones about every four months? To make the time spent in your laces up to what it should be, a great shoe deodorizer would be perfect. It’s not just something we say to shorten the distance between breaths or an excuse for not exercising because of smell—a good shoe deodorizer actually makes running more enjoyable. A recent study found that those who ran regularly experienced a 2-3 degree increase in their sweat rate when running in shoes with no odor control. What that means is that even though there are many great odor control materials availabe, including antifouling and antibacterial options, some of which may not smell very nice themselves, only using them when necessary and without other benefits (like moisture wicking), chances are your regular running routine won’t include any natural shoe deodorizers in it. Here are top of the best!

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How can I deodorize my shoes naturally?

It is best to avoid wearing shoes with strong odors. To deodorize them, sprinkle baking soda on the shoes and let it sit for an overnight. The next morning, dump out the powder in a cup or a bucket, and put the shoe in the warm water. When the shoe is soft, you can put it back on and enjoy the fresh smell.

What can I put in my shoe closet to make it smell better?

You can put some baking soda in your shoe closet to make it smell better. You can shake the baking soda around the shoe to let it get into the crevices. Place the shoes outside on a nice sunny day (a few hours should do the trick) so that the air can mix with the baking soda.

Does baking soda eliminate shoe odor?

Yes, baking soda can eliminate shoe odor. Baking soda is a powerful eliminator of smells and scents, and it also has mild antibacterial properties. When used in conjunction with other products, such as laundry detergent or soap, baking soda can help to remove any unpleasant smells and flavors that may be emanating from your shoes.

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