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The 12 Best Shiatsu Massage Chair in 2023

Shiatsu massage chairs offer a variety of benefits to those looking to improve their health. One of the most popular types of chairs is the reflexology chair, which allows you to use your heels to massage your whole body. Shiatsu massage chairs are also perfect for people who have problems with circulation, as they allow you to move around quickly and effectively.

Top Picks

Best Overall:MassaMAX 2022 Massage Chair
(The MassaMAX 2022 Massage Chair is perfect for anyone looking for a zero gravity massage chair that offers all the benefits of a traditional massage chair with the added convenience of voice control and heating. With its comfortable, breathable seat andZero Gravity track system, the MassaMAX 2022 is perfect for people who want to take their massage to the next level. The MassaMAX 2022 also features massages with yoga stretch and foot massages, making it perfect for those with any type of injury or pain. The MassaMAX 2022 is also equipped with airbags and foot massages, making it extrasafe and sturdy as it provides professional service.)
Best Budget:CooCoCo Shiatsu Back Massager 
(The deep massage chair pad allows you to get a full back massage. The heat helps todden the pain and inflammation. This massager is perfect for home use or office use. The CooCo Shiatsu Back Massager with Heat is able to help relieve tension headaches, neck pain, and other back problems.)
Editor's Choise:PUDO Massage Chair Full Body Zero
(The PUDO Massage Chair is perfect for anyone who wants a zero gravity massage experience. The chair has three built in temperature controlled areas so you can customize your massage experience to your own needs. The AI voice control allows you to have a personalized massage experience with this chair. The chair is easy to assemble and features a comfortable design.)

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What are the benefits of shiatsu massage chair?

Shiatsu massage chairs are beneficial in that they provide a deep, relaxing massage. They are also known for their ability to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

What is shiatsu massage good for?

Shiatsu massage is good for relief from pain, tension headaches, and other conditions.

What are the conditions not to perform shiatsu massage?

There are a few conditions that cannot be met during shiatsu massage, including: the person being massaged must be able to lay still for a full minute; the therapist must be wearing gloves; and the therapist must be at least 6'2" tall.

How often should you have a shiatsu massage?

A shiatsu massage should be given every 2-3 hours.

What is the best massage chair brand?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best massage chair brand will vary depending on the specific needs of the individual.


Shiatsu massage chairs offer an excellent way to improve your physical and emotional health. These chairs are easy to use and provide a variety of benefits, such as reducing stress, improving posture, and relieving tension headaches. If you're looking for a new way to relax and get relief from tight muscles, a shiatsu massage chair is a great option.

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