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The 11 Best Sanding Paper For Metal in March 2023

Sandpaper is a critical tool for anyone working with metal. It helps remove dust and debris from the surface of the metal, creating a smooth finish. Additionally, sandpaper can be used to achieve an even texture on metals, making them less likely to mar or oxidize.

Top Picks

Best Overall: LotFancy 96pc 80 to 5000 Grit Sandpaper Assortment with Sanding Block
(96 sheets of 8.4-mil-grain Silicon Carbide dry wet sandpaper forAutomotive metal sanding. Assorted grits for automotive, woodturning and other purposes. 9 x 3.6 Silicon Carbide dry wet sandpaper sheet for woodturning. Sanding performance improved with higher grits. Possible to sand a wide range of surfaces. Sanding sheets are made of waterproof silicon carbide.)

Best Budget: Bates- Sandpaper, 18 Pack, Assorted Grit, Sandpaper Assortment
(Sandpaper can help remove small scratches and dings from metal and wood. Grit sandpaper is used for removing paint and other chemicals from surfaces. Wet Dry sandpaper is used to sand down fabric, plastic, and other materials. Automotive sandpaper is used to remove rust and corrosion from metal and plastic.)

Editor's Choise: 3 Inch Sandpaper Grit 60-10000 Wet Dry Sander Sheets 
(The grit level is adjustable to create a custom level of accuracy. The buffering pad helps keep the sandpaper from sticking to the workpiece. The backer plate provides a stable platform for working with the sandpaper. The sponge sanding disc helps remove small pieces of material quickly. The sandpaper is water resistant and will not rust.)

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Can you sand paper metal?

Yes, you can definitely polish metal with sandpaper. It will remove any scratches or dents.

What is the sandpaper for metal called?

The sandpaper for metal is called aluminum oxide.

What grit sandpaper to remove rust from metal?

If you're looking to remove rust from metal quickly, a fine grit sandpaper between 320 and 400 is a good option.

Should you sand metal wet or dry?

It is generally recommended to sand metal wet, as it removes scratches and other imperfections more easily. However, it is also possible to sand metal dry, if desired.

How do you clean heavily rusted metal?

The best way to clean heavily rusted metal is to submerge your rusty tools or knives in a bowl of white vinegar. This will remove any corrosion and make the metal more easy to clean.


Sandpaper is a critical tool for giving wooden or different surfaces a smooth completion. There are found to be various types of sandpapers which seem to be quite comparative yet are still found. It can be hard to find the right type of sandpaper for the task at hand, but with the right application, it can result in a smooth surface.

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