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Polaris Vrx Iq+ Review 2023: Pros, Cons, Performance, Ease of use and Design

Is a smart and effective method to keep your pool sparkling clean something you've been looking for? If that's the case, go no further than the Polaris VRX iQ+, a smartphone-controlled robotic pool cleaning. This astonishing gadget goes above and beyond, with cutting-edge capabilities that put it in a class of its own:

A see-through top that shows when debris has accumulated to facilitate regular emptying.
The cleaner's interior is lit with attractive LED lighting that can be seen from the poolside at night.

More spacious than its competitors, this trash bin can store up to four times as much trash before needing to be emptied.
The technological peak of the vortex vacuum ensures maximum efficiency in cleaning by providing powerful suction and avoiding obstructions.
But when put to the test, does the Polaris VRX iQ+ live up to its billing? How simple is it to operate and keep up with regular maintenance? In what ways does it excel above other products on the market? In this piece, we'll compile reviews of the Polaris VRX iQ+ from retail giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Polaris Pool by buyers. We'll carefully weigh the benefits and downsides of this product based on real feedback from customers who've already bought and used it. By the time you finish reading this, you'll have all the information you need to decide whether or not the Polaris VRX iQ+ is the best pool cleaner for your specific needs.

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There are advantages and disadvantages to using a robotic pool cleaner like the Polaris VRX iQ+. Vortex suction technology and the ability to handle all types of debris make this an excellent choice for those who take pride in their pool. LED lighting improves the atmosphere at night, and the iAquaLink app makes control and monitoring easy. Uneven coverage, difficulty with specific debris and barriers, app difficulties, and size worries all work in their favor. Whether or not it's a good fit for your pool is ultimately determined by your own circumstances. The Polaris VRX iQ+ is an excellent choice if you're interested in smart cleaning, but there are other options to consider if you place a higher value on coverage and ease of use.



  • Complete Pool Cleaning: Scrubs the interior and exterior of the pool to a sparkling shine.
  • Able to deal with a wide range of material, from leaves and twigs to dirt, pollen, and dust.
  • Effective cleaning is guaranteed by the Vortex Vacuum System's powerful suction and elimination of clogging.
  • The iAquaLink software is simple to use and allows for remote programming and control, making operation and monitoring a breeze.
  • Transparent Lid: The level of debris being collected may be easily monitored, and the need for emptying can be anticipated.
  • The pool's LED lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere when the sun goes down.


  • Uneven Coverage: Sporadic pool coverage, with occasional blind areas and corner entrapment.
  • Steps, ledges, and particles of fine sand or silt provide difficulties.
  • Difficult to Maneuver: Heavy and awkward to move around without the provided cart.
  • App Reliability: Users have complained that the iAquaLink app frequently loses connectivity and does not respond as expected.
  • Problems with its size include taking up too much room and looking too big for smaller pools.
  • Concerns about the lid's durability have been raised since prolonged exposure to sunlight or chlorine could cause the transparent cover to degrade.

Polaris VRX iQ+Reviews

Polaris VRX iQ+ owners have a wide variety of opinions and comments to share about the product. Some users are pleased with the product's performance, usability, and design, while others are dissatisfied with certain features or limits. The following are some of the most frequent comments made by reviewers:

  • The Polaris VRX iQ+ performs admirably in its pool cleaning duties, which are not limited to the pool's floor but also its walls and waterline. Leaves, dirt, pollen, and microscopic particles are only some of the forms of detritus that have been appreciated by its users. Vortex vacuum technology is included, which is great since it eliminates clogs and guarantees strong suction. Uneven pool coverage, inability to address corners or areas, and tendency to become stuck are some of the complaints that have been leveled at it. Steps and ledges, as well as finer sand or silt particles, have been reported to present difficulties for the device. Users have suggested getting a second filter to catch the silt and sand to improve performance.
  • The Polaris VRX iQ+ has been praised for its ease of use, especially when combined with the iAquaLink mobile app. Cleaning modes include floor-only, waterline-only, and smart cycle, and can be accessed remotely via the smartphone. Users also appreciate being able to check on the cleaner's progress and get reminders when it's time to do things like empty the debris container or perform maintenance. However, complaints have surfaced due to the complexity and unreliability of certain apps, which has led to instances of connection loss and inactivity. Users who find the cleaner too cumbersome to carry on their own may find a handle or lift mechanism to be an advantageous addition. One consumer notes the cleaner's convenient portability thanks to the supplied cart.
  • The Polaris VRX iQ+'s design, which is contemporary and sleek, and reminiscent of a small submarine, has been well received by customers. The clear top is especially appreciated because it shows how much debris has built up and thus when it has to be emptied. The addition of LED lighting creates a beautiful effect for the pool at night. However, some consumers worry that the cleaner's size or heft may make it difficult to store it away after use. There are also worries that the translucent lid can fade or fracture when exposed to sunlight or pool chlorine. One user suggests keeping the cleaner out of direct sunlight and in a dry place to avoid these problems.


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