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Best 11 Oil Drain Pans of 2023

Oil drain pans are a must for any car owner, and for good reason. Not only do they make cleaning the engine and oil-change tasks much easier, but they also help to collect used oil that can build up on your car's surface over time. However, if you don't have the right tools to use when it comes to draining used engine oil out of a car, your results could be disastrous.

Top Picks

Best Overall:ARKSEN 20 Gallon Waste Oil Change Tank
(The ARKSEN 20 Gallon Waste Oil Change Tank is a portable air operated Drain Disposal system that is designed for automotive use. The tank can be adjusted to fit any height, making it easy to reach where you need to go. The tank has heavy duty construction, making it durable and reliable.)

Best Budget:Custom Accessories 31118 Oil Drain Pan 
(Easily clean oil-drenched floors with this black oil drain pan. Keep your garage floors clean with this 31118 oil drain pan, 6 quarts capacity for plenty of cleaning. Comes with a dust cloth to clean all the edges)
Editor's Choise:VEVOR Oil Drain Pan 20 Gallon Oil Drain Tank
(Drain oil faster and easily with this VEVOR Oil Drain Pan. The foldable hand design makes it easy to take the pan with you when you're away from your car. The pump and hose make it easy to drain any type of oil. The wheel casters make it easy to move the pan around)

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Can you use the same drain pan for oil and coolant?

No, the drain pan cannot be recycled.

How much oil can a drain pan hold?

A drain pan can hold up to 4 gallons of oil.

What are oil drain pans made of?

Oil drain pans are made of steel or aluminum. Steel is more durable, but aluminum is less likely to rust.

What oil Can you not pour down the drain?

You cannot pour bacon grease, duck fat, or lard down the drain. These oils are solid and can block your drains.

Why you shouldn't put oil in drain?

There are a few reasons why you should not put oil in drain. First, the oil will help to harden the pipes and create fatbergs. This can cause problems down the line - for example, if there are fatbergs in your water system, it could lead to a increase in water expenses, or even a lawsuit.


Oil drainage pans are a necessity for any kitchen. They help to remove the oil and grease from dishes and utensils, keeping them clean and safe. The pans can also be used as a place to put dirty dishes.

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