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The 11 Best Granite Cleaner in June 2023

The best granite cleaners are the ones that keep your counters looking good for as long as possible. While most standard cleaners will get the job done, you will want to use granite cleaners that have been formulated with specific materials in mind. It’s worth noting that almost every cleaning agent will be effective if used correctly. However, it’s important to choose a cleaner that optimizes your specific counters and prevents them from deteriorating sooner than expected.

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What to clean granite with to make it shine?

To clean granite and make it shine, mix together three parts baking soda and one part warm water. Apply a thin layer of the paste to your granite surface and gently buff with a clean cloth. Wipe away any residue with a damp cloth and dry the granite for a smooth, shiny finish.

How do you deep clean a granite countertop?

The best way to deep clean a granite countertop is to mix equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in a spray bottle. Thoroughly spray the countertop and allow the solution to sit for 2 to 3 minutes. Wipe down with a washcloth.

How often does granite need to be sealed?

The frequency with which you need to seal your granite countertop depends on how quickly the stone absorbs water. If the granite surface immediately takes in most of the water and develops a dark mark or ring, you will need to seal it once every few months. If it takes a few minutes for your stone countertop to soak up all the water, you will only need to seal it once every year.

Does baking soda clean granite?

Yes, baking soda is an effective and gentle cleaner for granite surfaces. To remove oil-based stains, mix baking soda and water to form a paste, then apply it to the affected area. Wipe away the paste with a clean, damp cloth.

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