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22 Best Rated Prebuilt Gaming Pcs Under $500 2022

While moving between consoles and PC gaming, you can not expect to take a lot for your better gaming rig, as it is understandable. However, if your wallet is not a problem, please test that list of these affordable prebuilt gaming rigs. 

However, if you do not get too much money, those $500 prebuilt gaming PCs might be discovered on the list. When those gaming PCs are not suitable, they might even beat out the game console. In this article, we will bring you top prebuilt gaming PCs under $500 on the current market. 


1. iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Mini 9300 (Overall pick - Best overall gaming PC)

If you focus on the best value for buck gaming PC, this IBUYPOWER mini 9300 computer is our leading option. Packed with the famous brand case, this version brings an AMD Ryzen 3 processor, and graphics card RX 550 as well. In the other words, that build is our perfect choice if you want to search for a beginner gaming computer without splashing hundreds of bucks.

To offer you a wide range of views, by that type of specifications, you might operate games like Fornite with low settings at 144 FPS with more comfort. For various mildly quite graphically demanding titles, you could hope for the 100 FPS range. When it comes to normal games, you might not get a matter of reaching 150 FPS.


- It is worth purchasing at this moment.

- This PC is suitable for amateurs.

- The efficiency is stable.


- The fans can make some big noises

2. iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop (Silent pick - Best silent gaming PC)

The next gaming PC computer that you need to care about is IBUYPOWER Pro. In the other words, it is a super solid gaming PC for gaming keeners who are searching for a combination of either efficiency or value for the buck. Displaying the AMD Ryzen 3 3100 gaming CPU and graphics card GT710, that system might conveniently execute mainstream games at high settings without freezers and crashes. Also, if you are keener on VR (Visual reality), it could handily bring a leading environment for cutting-edge tech as well.


- The design is sleek

- It supports a variety of connectivity ports

- It could play games with great graphic quality.


- It can not come with a CD-Drive

3. CUK Continuum Micro Gaming PC (Editor pick - Best efficiency gaming PC)

This CUK Micro gaming PC might be built particularly for standard gamers and a lot of multi-app runners. It offers fabulous processing speed, and the consumer might experience a real gaming experience that assists the version to be classy.

As for efficiency, it has leading processing speed so that the efficiency of that PC is great. In reality, the gamer might take a pretty PC without compromising efficiency. Next, that processor brings a better processing speed that is proper for casual gaming. In addition to that, the Vega 8 graphics even conveys high efficiency.

The system is quite fancy with AMD Ryzen 3. The great mixture of that can be speedy and excellent. When it comes to RAM, it is equipped with 16GB of RAM that is sufficient for executing more standard games.


- This best prebuilt pc under 500 offers high efficiency

- It brings better processor and RAM

- The warranty is great.


- Optical disk might not be run

4. Gaming PC Desktop Computer White by Alarco (Convenient pick - Best convenient gaming PC)

That gaming PC from Alarco provides great gameplay, particularly for gaming amateurs below a budget. It shows a modern design and leading quality that supports cutting-edge tech and high-end specs.

Powered by Intel i5, the computer can boast a great speed of 3.1GHz. Next, the NVIDIA GTX 650 graphic card might effectively run some heavy games at a stable frame ratio. Moreover, it goes with 8GB of RAM, and thus, it might rapidly load games and control various computing tasks without lagging. Next, it can execute blockbuster apps and huge space games or it supports sufficient fans to make sure the system might not overheat.

The Alarco gaming PC even equips with a one-year warranty that can cover production-related errors. In the other words, the warranty can not cover the damages inflicted by the computer.


- It has controllable RGB fans

- It is simple to set up

- It provides outstanding client assistance


- The fans can run loudly

- It does not have any CD drive.

5. HP 8300 4K Gaming Computer (Traditional design pick - Best simple design gaming PC)

If you are a newbie and are going to purchase the gaming PC for the initial period , we suggest you get HP 8300. It is among the ideal gaming PCs which is affordable, and anybody might manage to get it simply. It is equipped with all demanding accessories such as a mouse, and USB.

It brings 8GB of RAM and an Intel Quad-core i5 processor providing outstanding efficiency with 3.6GHz processor speed. You might not be frustrated after getting it since it operates ideally and amateurs could simply use it. It provides a one-year warranty and lifetime online technical assistance. Finally, it is better for amateur gaming only.


- It is decent for the cost.

- This prebuilt pc under 500 is great for newbies

- The client service is outstanding

- It brings sturdy build quality


- Its functions can stop operating.  

Buying Guide

Things to focus on


The processor or the CPU is the initial and most fundamental factor of the PC, thus, you might be hard-pressed not to stick with it. As we get a cap on the spending, the most high-end processors might be out of range. From AMD to Intel, we tend to seek a high number of AMD processors for prebuilt PCs of our range.

Whether they are good for efficiency is subjective to every chipset. Glancing at Intel you could be capable of having a good bet with i5-8400, and Ryzen 3 2200G mounted. However, you need to remember that at the low end of efficiency, the AMD is usually just quite greater in value than Intel. That transforms as we move up the staircase.

Graphics card

In recent years, one has recommended sticking with the stock card you obtain if you were only moving to take the PC normally. However, not those days, and particularly not for gaming PCs. When the $500 prebuilt gaming PCs might assist with the regular Intel graphics 630, it can be capable of running all great games even at low settings only. You might get to search for outstanding graphics cards such as Vega 8, GTX 650, and RX 550.


The next component that we would like to refer to you is RAM. In the other words, the high-end desktop PC versions could also house as much as 64GB of RAM those days. When the thumb’s rule is similar to great RAM shows more memory for the program to get access to the external CPU. However, based on a strict budget of around $500, you might get to settle with a gaming PC with anything close to 8GB of RAM. It is not the best, but it is particularly good. In reality, 8GB might be enough to combine efficiency with the parts’ rest to make you enjoy more games at medium settings.


Of the double kinds of storage choices, the budget PC like that one might move with the traditional and affordable, but slower tech of HDDs. When SSD storage is incomparably quicker, like a short budget, you might not be capable of obtaining bigger than 256GB of SSD. In the other words, nevertheless, the same gaming PC might pack as much as 1TB of HDD. The option is from spending to speed.


With the availability of increasing platforms and peripherals that we might take, the built-in experiences are quite relevant. Connectivity even brings its demands as well. You will be taking a lot of peripherals and displays, or perhaps also a VR HMD. Those might want at least six USB 3.0 ports and a double DisplayPort or HDMI. You can even go with the USB type-C thunderbolt, but you get to sacrifice very quick transfer speeds for a cost tag for your range.

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1. Is it worth buying the $500 prebuilt gaming PC for you?

If you might not mind taking some for the conventional assurance and direct customer advantage, those prebuilt gaming PCs are a little bit securely wagered. There are different gaming PCs that might suit the demands, wallet, and even hobbies.  

2. How long can a $500 prebuilt gaming PC last?

It is a query that has no particular answer since the lifespan of those gadgets is based on your usage like your gaming activities, environment, or so forth. Fundamentally, people might operate appropriately at least for a warranty period around three years on average.

3. How long can the guarantee last?

You might buy prebuilt gaming PCs from reliable brands like Lenovo, IBUYPOWER, or so forth to take the ideal warranty from their client-caring policies. As usual, the guarantee might last between 6 and 12 months. Keep alert to scan the tips from the brands to know more attentively.

4. Could they do office applications or render videos better if you need to use that PC for various purposes?

Sure, with powerful attributes supported with those items, the clients entirely run the different apps apart from games simply without any issues about utility.

5. Why can clients buy a $500 prebuilt gaming PC?

There are some reasons, but we have covered three primary ones below

- You take a full warranty from reliable brands.

- Building an excellent gaming PC can take you a lot of time.

- $500 prebuilt gaming PCs might assist you in dealing with a lot of AAA games for your needs.

6. Is a $500 prebuilt gaming PC better?

As a $500 prebuilt gaming PC falls into the entry-level type, the graphics cards which display are regularly traditional generation cards. Those GPUs can grapple to experience the AAA games with high settings, but they operate super effectively with esports titles, particularly while taking in full HD.

7. Is i3 great for gaming?

Intel Core i3 processor is better for gaming. The Core i3 processors are particularly dual-core processors with Intel’s hyper-threading so that i3, which is a double core processor shows as the quad-core for tackling tasks. (That represents core i3 might tackle some tasks at this moment because of hyperthreading)

8. How much FPS could the $500 prebuilt gaming PC run?

$500 prebuilt gaming PC is built for 60 FPS in Fortnite. That 500 gaming PC will even execute the game at full HD monitor around medium settings.

Wrapping It Up

All of those gaming PCs are simple to upgrade. On the other hand, it is a leading list of ideal gaming PCs below 500. We attempt to put together that funding gaming PC checklist. Besides, we hope that you can grab your favorite $500 prebuilt gaming PC in the near future.

Last but not least, if you find it hard to purchase gaming PCs, please keep in contact with us to get a fast response right away.