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23 Best Rated Dual Extruder 3d Printer 2023

Dual extruder 3D printers get double print nozzles, or heads rather than a single print head on typical FDM 3D printers. On the other hand, double printing releases you from the restraints of one kind of 3D printer filament and makes you generate colorful components with ease.  

Double head 3D printing enhances to assist printing with soluble assistants like PVA and HIPS and makes you print multi-color components. Other cheap dual extruder 3D printers are dual nozzle printers, proving they get double nozzles, but extrude from one head or we even contain a lot of ultimate printers. Those high choices contain 3D printers, with double-moving print heads for productive and flexible printing. 

Buying Guide

Some of the crucial queries which you want to ask during making a buying decision involved in the best dual extruder 3D printers are

- Can I need private or dependent dual extruders?

- Is the speed and printer’s volume crucial to us?

- What different attributes we are searching for up to the printing targets?

You can care about the following elements during spending for the best dual extruder 3D printer:

Kind of 3D printer you want

It is vital to understand what you need to generate from the best dual extruder 3D printer. There are various kinds of 3D printers available at this moment. They change in shape, and printing tech. 

They take various materials to print and serve various targets. Thus, you might research the kind of printer which you want as one small requirement might make a big distinction. 

Material requested to generate components and functional prototypes

Various 3D printers can use specific materials to print. Others use standard filaments, whereas others can be compatible with water-soluble filaments. The kind of component or functional prototype you want to generate could identify the kind of 3D printer which you want since it could use a similar material to print. You can purchase the printer which might take a lot of materials. 

Print quality

Specialists want better and smooth prints. In the other words, printers with leading quality resolutions and robotic arms can make finer details intact, and provide uniformity through batch production. 

Printing capacity

The build volume size displays the printing volume. According to the parts’ size which you want to generate, it is perfect to buy systems which could print more components of various sizes. 


The staffs’ safety is the topmost priority for the firm. The machine can be convenient to use. Other plastics could emit more poisonous fumes which can be risky to clients and the environment. 

From continuous exposure, those fumes might prove risky. Seek a printer that is user-friendly and chase up safety precautions during working. 


That attribute offers a high-quality 3D printer an edge over others, as you might adjust the printer to your specs, and requirements. 

Cost to install and price

It is among the most crucial elements to care about. The expense to install, working cost, and maintenance expense might add up to a considerable cost for you. 

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    Reviews are based on big data aggregated from sales pages and product buyer reviews. All ranking arrangements are automatically AI-driven according to product buyer reviews.

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    Reviews are based on big data aggregated from sales pages and product buyer reviews. All ranking arrangements are automatically AI-driven according to product buyer reviews.

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1. Are the best dual extruder 3D printers worth purchasing?

As for a long period of 3D printing, the best dual extruder 3D printers permit to make multi-color, dual material, and even gravity-defying versions. If those are crucial attributes for you, it is worth purchasing a dual extruder 3D printer. 

2. What could not be made with dual extruder 3D printers?

Those printers are not compatible with paper, cloth, and even rocks. Since they can burn because of the high heat wanted for extrusion. Therefore, versions from those materials might not be generated with the best dual extruder 3D printers. 

3. Why is the heated bed a crucial attribute for those printers?

When it comes to high-quality 3D printing, it is crucial to get a heated bed since it might hold the extruded plastic warm or generate a good first adhesion layer. 

4. Why is the removable print bed crucial? 

The removable print bed can support the simple removal of printed components and prototypes or permit simple printer cleaning. 

5. What is the most versatile 3D printing material?

One of the most versatile materials you might take with 3D printing is thermoplastic polyurethane. As for combining materials or colors, it can particularly come down to trial and mistake. 

Our leading hint can be, if you can use more than one, to attempt and go with materials that might reach the same temps through printing. For instance, prevent using the ABS as those are likely to warp or lead to adhesive matters.

Wrapping It Up

As the dual extruder 3D printers’ invention, the tech has come a long path. Producers can add ultimate attributes and attempt to make the printers reasonable for home clients. That resulted in better competition among the organizations to offer compact, and perfect 3D printers. 

In this buying tip, we tried to list the best dual extruder 3D printers up to their efficiencies and attributes. Before making a buying decision, you can care about connectivity, practicalities, client interface, and printer abilities as well. 

Last but not least, we hope that you might pick the best dual extruder 3D printer which fits your demand in the near future. If you need to find out more, you can keep in touch with us.       

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