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25 Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier in 2022

If your home has a suitable crawl space below its base, you might suppose humidity is not a worry. Great, it is not right. That kind of space brings as a key function to separate your house from the damp soil below. You even get simple access to the plumbing system of your home via there. So, why precisely do you want to care about obtaining the best crawl space dehumidifiers

Today’s review is there to make you more clear. We will let you know about the advantages of using a gadget in your house. We prepared a purchasing tip to assist you in navigating via the sea of possibilities. That is a wide range of versions available at this moment. We put together a whole option of the ideal crawl space dehumidifiers. If you are in a hurry, please test out our review for a fast overview. And if you are curious for more, please glance at the more specific analysis below. We put more pros and cons of every version under check. Finally, keep scanning our guides for appropriate dehumidifier maintenance.


1. Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Large-Capacity Energy Star Dehumidifier (Non-heavy duty pick - Best non-heavy duty crawl space dehumidifier)

The first crawl space dehumidifier on our list is Ivation 70-pint with 4500 Sq.ft. In other words, that version is a more typical kind of dehumidifying equipment, one that might suit effectively inside the house, not just in the zone below your home.

Its specs make it perfect for a crawl space as well, but which is why we highly suggest it. If you are seeking out a portable dehumidifier that wants to temporarily be used in that area but might be stuck inside the house after that, this product is the ideal choice. It is even the kind of dehumidifier which could be used around the apartment.

It is strong enough to simply take care of all the mildew, and odors in any zone, or house until 4500 Sq.ft of footprint (up to the dampness’ level). It comes with a programmable humidistat, a connector, an automatic shutoff or restart function, and a bright or simple to use LED display. It is not the quiet version at this moment, but that might not put you off provided the area where you want to use it.


- It offers simple operations.

- It provides you with an additional long cord.

- It has an integrated humidity sensor.


- The drain hose should be bought separately.

2. Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier (Compact and quiet pick - Best compact and quiet crawl space dehumidifier)

The Ivation 13-pint dehumidifier can be tiny, coming in at below 20-inch in height, but it gets the job done rapidly and greatly. That equipment is particularly handy if you want it to be utilized in a poorly insulated room or RV as the desiccant rotor even operates better with 40 degrees of Fahrenheit.

On top of it, it is super portable at just more than 16 pounds and equipped with an integrated handle. If you are searching for a laundry room dehumidifier, then we highly suggest that this would even be our leading option as the output fan is customizable or might be tilted for additional drying strength. There is no need to purchase extra air filters since the filters are washable with both soap and water.

Finally, this dehumidifier would not be the ideal choice for a huge crawl space. However, if you want a dehumidifier for the laundry room or tinier crawl space, that device is perfect. It is quite easy to use and might operate at low temps, or auto switches off when filled to capacity.


- It is quite quiet

- It is very lightweight and compact

- It can operate at low temperatures.

- It offers smart sensors to keep humidity stable.


- The water capacity is small.

3. ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers (90-Pint pick - Best 90-Pint crawl space dehumidifier)

What are you searching for in a crawl space dehumidifier? Sure, you need it to take down the humidity effortlessly. This Alorair version might take out up to 90 pints of moisture per day. It is even particularly tranquil and might operate in spaces around 2600 square. ft.

Apart from it, it is equipped with a five-meter drain pipe. When installed, you could forget about it for a while, as the equipment might automatically switch on based on your preset humidity levels. There is no need to be anxious about the power cut because this version might automatically turn back on to the traditional settings.

Last but not least, if you get a huge crawl space or basement great room which wants to get the humidity kept in check, we suggest that you will never regret purchasing the Alorair dehumidifier.

It is a reliable brand name with a good warranty. Once installed, you will need to sanitize the coils about once annually and test the filter each quarter, but that is about it. It is an expensive machine, but it can get the task done with minimal interference. 


- It is simple to set up

- It provides a remote-tracking function.

- It might operate at low temperatures.

- It has ducting options.


- It is quite pricey.       

4. Waykar 2000 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier for Home and Basements (Overall pick - Best overall crawl space dehumidifier)

Are you searching for a dehumidifier that might operate in the crawl space, but can operate better in various rooms around your lovely house? If so, this Waykar 2000 sq. ft dehumidifier might do the trick. Its modern design can not seem industrial, so it could mix intangibly with your decoration. We particularly enjoy that equipment’s portability with an integrated handle and wheels which could rotate a full 360 degrees.

Next, it might accommodate around 34 pints of moisture out of the air for a day, but with a suitable water tank, you will likely both want to empty the unit twice a day or run a hose for continuous drainage.

If you need a dehumidifier particularly for your crawl space or for a big zone, we highly suggest obtaining another on the list. However, if you need a highly portable dehumidifier that is easy and beneficial, then that product might do the trick. It will take the humidity around your lovely home down wherever you put it. We might not mind getting it in the guest room or the basement.


- It is simple to move and lightweight.

- It has a modern design.

- The air filter is washable.

- It offers manual drainage


- It is louder than you suppose.

5. Aprilaire - 1850Z 1850 Pro Dehumidifier (Editor’s pick - Best value crawl space dehumidifier)

Do you already understand that you want a dehumidifier for your lovely house and are tired of affordable units which tend to break after double? If you are willing to splurge, then you will not regret buying the Aprilaire 1850 Dehumidifier. It could operate with your crawl space, basement, or it might be ducted to the HVAC system to do the entire home around 5200 sq. ft.

Around 14.5-inch tall, you might suit that unit pretty much anywhere, and the leveling feet make sure that it can lay flat wherever you want it. Besides, that dehumidifier might operate almost independently as once set; it could automatically manage the humidity levels based on your settings.

Apart from it, forking out that type of bucks on the dehumidifier can not be for everybody, but if you understand you want a dehumidifier, then there is not a great brand to splurge on than Aprilaire. It is a familiar brand that can stand by its five-year warranty.

Even though it is particularly simple to set up, getting it professionally ducted to the HVAC shows that the warranty might remain valid, and the equipment might reduce the whole home’s humidity. Once installed, you just want to alter the filters of the Aprilaire crawl space dehumidifier. That is particularly a sound investment into your comfort, and the home’s protection. 


- It is among the reliable dehumidifiers.

- It could tackle up to 95 pints of moisture per day.

- It might measure the humidity constantly.

- It provides you with quiet operation.


- The best humidity for crawl space is quite heavier.   

Buying Guide

How to select the best crawl space dehumidifiers?

There is no lack of dehumidifiers available which you might buy for use in the crawl space. With that in the brain, not all dehumidifiers are constructed for those cramped zones. The system designed for a bedroom or living zone is not precisely fitted for a damp crawl space.

The status of crawl space

The dehumidifier which is designed for crawl spaces is not vitally affordable, based on the zone’s size you want to keep under the management. Before you consider size, you want to get a long hard glance at the crawl space under your lovely home. Next, ductwork and some spider webs are popular, but there can be huge problems right under your feet.

Is the crawl space under your lovely home covered in plastic, or is it just bare ground? That might get a key influence on placement and the problems behind the moisture in the zone. The desiccant dehumidifier is better and quiet, while the refrigerant-based system is perfect for matters brought on by our high heat and humidity. You may even need to consider more repairs to the crawl space or enhancements beforehand.

Sizes of Dehumidifier

When browsing around the dehumidifier to set up the crawl space or unfinished basement, the initial thing you need to care about outside of the budget is the capacity. Evaluated by pints, this spec lets you understand how much water the device might take out from the air every day.

1. Small dehumidifiers

You particularly do not witness a lot of those systems in unfinished basements, even though they are perfect for other crawl spaces. The dehumidifier with a tiny capacity is specifically seen from 25 to 35 pints.

2. Medium dehumidifiers

With the medium type, you might realize the dehumidifiers rated approximately between 40 and 50 pints. Those are well-suited for bigger crawl spaces under huge homes, and zones where mold might increase, but are relatively simple to control.

3. Huge dehumidifiers

The dehumidifier more than 60 pints is seen as a huge piece of equipment in our eyes and could cover dug-out basement or crawl space up to 4500 square feet or more. Moisture might never be an issue, even though space particularly might be.

Ease of use

The dehumidifier can not be a piece of sophisticated equipment, but others are simpler to use than others. One of the key things to remember is the management panel, which could get a digital panel or particularly easy controls. No matter in the dimly lit crawl space or basement, a well-lit management panel to make life quite simpler.

The water captured by the dehumidifier has to move somewhere, and it is often the drip pan or outlet hose. The former is often simple to dump, even though other producers design their whole systems with ease of use in the brain. 


Installing the best crawl space dehumidifiers under your lovely house is not vitally something you might want to call in the ultimate for other cases, the installation comes down to the equipment’s design. Other systems might be hung, whereas others are built to be neatly tucked away in the nook or corner, and tied into the HVAC system.

Next, the installation of crawl space dehumidifiers comes down to more things with homeowners like size and space. In other circumstances, you might need to make some adjustments to part of the crawlspace to take up the system. As some units weigh more than 50 pounds, which could be a problem along with drainage if it can rely on the pump or hose. 

Noise level

While you are using the best crawl space dehumidifiers, noise is among the leading things to keep in mind. Greatly, you can be surprised by how noisy other versions constructed for crawl spaces might be. That is where you want to consider the decibel level. It can change between one piece of equipment and another, but it is a spec that is simple to know.

The engine from the jet might make your ears ring more than 100 decibels, whereas the vacuum cleaner can come in approximately 75dB.

Build quality

That is tied to the circumstances below your lovely house, so we might keep it short and easy. If the crawl space keeps dirty and is not covered, you should not waste any time glancing at equipment with a slick design.

When they will not win any beauty competitions, the commercial-grade dehumidifier might outlast various systems under your house.

On top of it, the well-built equipment might get a strong metal exterior, not one made from plastic. Points of weakness for products in that class contain the feet on the bottom, outlets, and also the cord. All of these zones might be a problem with poorly built dehumidifiers, and the short power cord might certainly leave you in a lurch. Last but not least, warranties on the systems in that class might be particularly five years with other versions going a bit above and under this range.

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    Reviews are based on big data aggregated from sales pages and product buyer reviews. All ranking arrangements are automatically AI-driven according to product buyer reviews.

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    Reviews are based on big data aggregated from sales pages and product buyer reviews. All ranking arrangements are automatically AI-driven according to product buyer reviews.

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1. What is the distinction from the crawl space to the basement?

The terms might be utilized interchangeably, but the basement is thicker. Both might take blocks to assist external walls, but particularly in a half basement. Crawl spaces are specifically from one to three feet high.

2. Can you set up the best crawl space dehumidifier without encapsulation?

It is up to the case and status of your crawlspace. More regularly than not, it's suggested and something which will not break the bank if you do it on your own.

3. Could I use a frequent dehumidifier in the crawl space?

It is not something we might suggest, which is why there is a single type for crawl space dehumidifiers.

4. Do dehumidifiers operate in crawl spaces?

Sure, they could, but you want to account for the truth that this can significantly boost your electricity bill. The dehumidifier installed into the crawl space can request maintenance and repairs, or you want to frequently drain out the collected water. Otherwise, it might finish following the space.

5. Why are the best crawl space dehumidifiers quite pricey?

The best crawl space dehumidifier requests more complicated parts and technology since it has to do like a frequent dehumidifier, but has to arrive at a more compact size. Crawl spaces might not suit any kind of dehumidifiers, which shows that units built for that particular target need to be compact. That even shows that more tech has to suit in a tinier version, which specifically results in the higher expense.

6. Where can a dehumidifier be put in the crawl space?

The ideal area to set up the dehumidifier in the crawl space is one where there is nothing blocking the airflow discharge. The concrete blocks are super the great zone to set up those units.

Final Thoughts

The air in the crawl space might increase and be fetched via your lovely house. That shows that any mold and various allergens might rise at all. The humidity in the crawl space can be maintained at a safe level to secure your health and save on potentially pricey repair bills because of mold, or mildew. The best crawl space dehumidifiers on the list are all particularly built to be run with minimal interference. Finally, if you need our support, please put your comments below this post. We will help you as soon as possible. Thank you very much.      

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