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[Top 22] Best Epson Printer For Sublimation 2022: Buying Guide & The Best Deals

Sublimation printing, known as thermal printing, is now becoming an effective method for those who want to print photos on cups, shirts, and other objects. 

They create a style for their owners, make gifts, or decorate. Therefore, Epson has launched inkjet printers that use the best Epson printer for sublimation.

Are you wondering and have questions about the models, their advantages and disadvantages, and their features? This article will give you the most objective and general view of Epson's sublimation printers and best quality products.

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Buying Guides

Epson is one of the most popular brands in the printer industry. Therefore, choosing a quality version from this brand will not be challenging. However, getting the one that best suits your needs is not easy.

In the section below, we will give some specific instructions for you to follow!

Ease of Filling the Ink

If you choose an Epson version, you need to be concerned about the ease of pouring specialized ink. This factor will be the first thing that reflects how well the device works or not.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is one of the devices that is very easy to refill because of the design of the ink tank instead of the ink cartridges of other product lines. You can quickly add ink with a syringe or ink bottle. At the same time, the capacity of this compartment is quite large, so you will not need to refill ink many times in a certain period.

However, most printers of this type need you to do a lot of work to get the sublimation ink. Furthermore, the device screen will not display the remaining ink correctly. If you replace it with a clear tank, you can easily see the remaining ink.

Max Print Size

The width of the sublimation blank is 8.5 inches. If you want to make prints on larger objects, you may want to upgrade to larger 8.5-inch sublimation printers.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820 is the best wide format sublimation printer at 13 inches in this feature. However, it uses cartridges, requiring more careful and sophisticated installation.

Printer Color Accuracy

If you're looking for printers that show the same vividness and boldness as the images on your computer screen, you need color-accurate printers and monitors with the correct ICC profile

At that time, the Epson EcoTank ET-2750 was the best product overall with very high quality and color fidelity, especially when you own a good quality screen.

The ICC profile plays a prominent role in converting the RGB pixels on your screen into the CMYK on your printers to limit the difference between the two versions of your design. 

The ICC can be obtained from the printers or paper manufacturer and added to an image editing program such as Photoshop.


If you are concerned about the cost of owning a sublimation version, you should choose a product of good quality and put the price criteria in the back. It means you will be hard-pressed to find the cheapest version to sublimate for cheap.

The quality and combination of these two factors will determine what you get after using and also the cost, how long you install and use it.


Now, we gather and answer more of the most frequently asked questions that users face when buying or in the process of using. Don't miss any questions to understand your needs better!

Is the Epson printer suitable for sublimation printing?

Epson EcoTank ET-2760 is a highly appreciated product for sublimation printing by professionals and users. Moreover, you only need to pay a small cost to own it compared to other products. The device is suitable for home or office use with high-speed and 2-sided printing.

In addition, EcoTank ET-2760 will save you up to 90% with replacement ink bottles compared to cartridges of more than 7000 black pages and 6000 color pages. You may then need up to 90 individual bottles.

What is the difference between the Epson 2720 and 2800?

In general, the similarity between EcoTank ET-2800 and EcoTank ET-2720 is that both have super tank printing systems.

However, what sets the ET-2800 apart is its more modern design and improved performance. At the same time, it is also capable of printing multiple black pages at fast speeds and manual 2-sided printing.

Which sublimation ink is best?

You can find a lot of information about the sublimation inks for your printer. However, in this article, we offer some of the best suggestions for you. Printers Jack Sublimation Refill tops the ink cartridges list due to its good color quality and ability to keep the colors it shows in the finished product.

You can consider Hippo Refilled Bottles, Sublijet HD Cartridges, INKXPRO 4 X 100ml Professional True Color Sublimation Refills for WorkForce WF-7710. They are all great products. Check your printer's compatibility with the above inks.

Can Epson EcoTank 2720 use sublimation?

The EcoTank ET-2720 printer is truly a superb and price-friendly printer when you choose it for your printing. The equipment is capable of making perfect products of good quality.

The advantage of this type of printer is that you will need to switch your printer to do a better job. Although it will take your time, the effectiveness in quality is unquestionable.

Can I use an inkjet printer for sublimation?

You should not and cannot use an inkjet printer for printing. The reason is that printers will perform the dispersion of ink onto the paper by heat. If you still try this method, the image will not be sharp, even stick to the form after printing.

Therefore, inkjet printers from famous brands such as Dell, Canon, Hewlett Packard, and Lexmark will not be suitable in this case.


Epson's printers are all high-quality products with diverse prices and modern designs. They are perfect and have their unique advantages for printing. Here is a list of the products we mentioned in the article:

Indeed you have chosen the best Epson printer for sublimation for yourself to serve work as well as study. Please take care and refill enough ink for the printer to work stably and at its best. In addition, your activities will help your device last longer.

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