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Best 3D Printer Under $500 in 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Searching for something which might carry your creations on the papers to sturdy type in authentic life? The 3D printer might be an excellent choice. Whether you are an amateur who needs to challenge yourself with something distinctive, or somebody that is seeking out a modern 3D printer to substitute their traditional one around your lovely home, we have taken you to cover it all. Here are our leading options for the ideal 3D printer below 500. 

Our group of specialists has collected and chosen from hundreds of reviews to make that list. Scan on as it might assist you in saving time and bucks before you determine to purchase anything. We expect that you might grab the best 3D printer under $500 for you in the current market. 


1. ELEGOO Mars Pro MSLA 3D Printer (Design pick - best design 3D printer)

If you get the eye on manufacturing fine-detail prints, for instance, miniatures or elaborate showcase pieces, but are limited around a 500 bucks budget, then our penny is on the Elegoo Mars Pro. Came like the successor to the outstanding Mars Pro, this version chases up its predecessors’ footsteps with an all-in-one resin way. Next, suited with the 2K LCD screen, this 3D printer can ship as the pre-assembled unit, which when combined with the ChiTuBox software, shows nearly instantaneous out-of-the-box usage.

On top of a simple bed leveling process, we might overstate how simple it is to use this product. Somewhat particularly for a resin printer, the print speeds provided from the Elegoo are surprisingly quick and simply dwarf rival budget versions and also pricier substitutions. The ELEGOO Mars Pro printer can attain those speeds, thanks to dramatically decreasing the time it can take for the resin to harden up. When it comes to quality, the outcomes are nothing short of spectacular for a sub-$500 printer like blemish-less surfaces.


- It is simple to use

- It can run so quickly. 

- This 3D printer under 500 offers pre-assembled attributes.


- It is quite noisy.

- It has an unshielded LCD.

2. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer (Lightweight pick - best lightweight 3D printer)

Closing out our selection of the leading four 3D printers below 500 is the Anycubic Photon Mono. It can balance affordability and quality print outcomes into a package that oozes value. When it comes to various MSLA printers, layer cure times are greatly short, leading to a much quicker printer process as well. Next, it can stake the claim as one among the best budget choices when it discusses delicate, or highly detailed print. It is not the prints’ quality that can stand out, but how much of the heavy lifting the 3D printer, combined with the flexible slicer, does on the client’s behalf. Outstanding prints request super little sustained preparation.

When the Photon Mono brings a lot going for it, the plastic resin vat bears the brunt of compromises to keep the cost down. It is a query of durability after interaction’s hours with poisonous resin that this 3D printer might have simply avoided with a metal substitution.


- It has intricate prints

- It offers generous build volume.

- It provides fast cure times.


- It has a flimsy vat.

3. Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer (Budget pick - Best cheap 3D printer under $500)

This Creality Ender 3D printer makes our list for the outstanding price-to-efficiency value on the deal. It might be around since 2014, and they have injected every iteration of the version with the know-how and expertise picked up along the way. It is a prime example of that, and is, in truth, one among the recent enhancements to Creality’s respected Ender line-up.

The improvements contain a beefier power supply and a magnetic build surface that can operate to provide a safe and stable printer. The specs contain attributes you would hope for from pricier choices, a power recovery mode, and a tight filament pathway. The outcomes talk to that with high-quality prints for the cost.

Apart from it, it does ship as an assembly kit, and when the build can take some hours, it is particularly simple. As kit assembly printers move, the Ender 3 Pro is one of the easy 3D printers to wake up and operate. You get to factor in a bit of installing and calibration, particularly since it might not contain the automatic leveling attribute, though. In spite of what can be a disadvantage for amateurs, spending the time on installing this 3D printer correctly translates to outstanding prints for a 3D printer below 300.


- It offers outstanding print quality for the cost.

- It has a great build volume.

- It brings simple DIY enhancements.


- It has no automatic bed leveling.

4. ANYCUBIC Mega S 3D Printer (Overall pick - Best overall 3D printer)

Anycubic Mega S is among the top 3D printers under 500, which shows nearly similar attributes to Anycubic Mega. It is supported by a sensor detector that warns you when your spool can run out of filament. 

There is a suspended spool holder boosted to the 3D printer’s side to enhance usability. It even comes with strong, and other filaments that can decrease the possibility of clogging and ensures print accuracy.

To finish the 3D printing process, it contains a Titan extruder that assists you with trustworthy extrusion. As for the ideal mixture of speed and precision, its 3:1 gear rate is at its best. That enhancement makes this version be quite compatible with versatile filaments such as TPU. Besides, the equipment consists of a printing surface covered from a patented microporous layer that stimulates great adhesiveness.


- It is handy to use.

- It provides a 3.5 inches TFT touch screen interface.

- It is pre-assembled and is simple to install.


- It is not perfect for amateurs as it wants tweaking before use.

5. FlashForge Finder 3D Printers (Editor pick - Best value 3D printer)

For young keeners, pupils, and amateurs in 3D printing, FlashForge Finder is the best to buy as a previous investment. Thanks to low price, and better printing, it might be achieved through the product’s best attributes.

It brings a 3.5-inch full-color DH IPS touchscreen with an intuitive smartphone interface. A range of settings customizations is permitted to work with the screen – beginning from homing, filament loading, up to the point of tracking and printing. It is even safe to use by kids due to the non-heated build plate, and enclosed printing zone.

Next, it even brings a slide-in build plate which makes it simple to take out of finished 3D prints from the printer. It carries an easy-to-use calibration detection system that supports the level. All you need to do is to tighten or loosen the screws before a beeper click that displays that it has identified the distinction from the nozzle to the build plate. When the initial spot is leveled, a similar system is implemented to the following double screwing places. The printing system is at ease citing the truth throughout the system, and a clear tip on the touchscreen display might help you.   


- It provides a safe wireless file transmission.

- It assists the 3D cloud attribute.

- It is equipped with simple-to-use calibration detection equipment.


- It is only suitable for PLA filaments.

- It might not admit 1kg filament spools.

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Buying Guide

Factors that might be focused on to select the best 3D printer under 500

If you have looked for your ideal option of the modern 3D printer below 500 on the current market above, congratulations. Let’s begin 3D printing and carrying your creations to life! Here is a guide on how to use the best printers.

Still, got other questions left? Keep calm. We even got you covered. Down below are the solutions to most of the popular questions related to the best 3D printer under $500. Read on as it might assist you in answering your queries and make you grab your ideal option better. 


Usually, take into consideration what you need to make with the 3D printer, it is the initial item to understand before purchasing one. Double of the most common 3D printers are SLA printers and FDM. SLA printers can utilize more resins as their key filament and form a highly accurate layer of the end printer. However, it can cost you more than the FDM printers.

Around 500 bucks or less, FDM printers are popularly available and might operate better if you would like to make an adjustable case for your cell phone, and maybe print a plain figure.

Build volume

Build Volume identifies the 3D printer’s capacity. Around 500 dollars or less, the build volume of the best 3D printer rarely exceeds over 300mm, but please take note that other versions are even excellent at an average build volume.


Printing speed is even considering if you particularly get to print more components so quickly and regularly do not offer stuff about other details. If you need to get a quick printer below 500 bucks, we highly suggest Creality Ender 3 Pro. In other words, it is able to print at the highest speed of 200mm/s. For popular FDM printers, it is often fluctuating between 60 and 150mm/s.

One element which conveys the unique ability of Creality printers as to the printing speed is that they get around 0.4 mm brass nozzle. Nevertheless, keep in mind that printing very quickly might boost the potential risk of damage to the campaign.  


There are fabulous 3D printers for less than 500 bucks but bear in mind that they get some limitations versus high-class 3D printers. As usual, material compatibility is a huge issue. Other 3D printers below 500 might print with ABS or PLA and various fundamental filaments. Last but not least, remember that most of the more ultimate materials might lead to issues with your 3D printing.  



1. Can all 3D printers below 500 take PLA filament?

Other 3D printers can utilize PLA. You might also seek particular 3D printers which suit effectively with ABS and different filaments. You can see some products above if you need a 3D printer below 500 that brings a lot of compatible filaments. You might even find other 3D printers below 500 which use resin as printing material.

2. Can 3D printers below 500 be equipped with slicer software?

Sure, most 3D printers are equipped with software that stimulates them to be operated from a piece of equipment. Other printers like the FlashForge Finder even get extra attributes such as wireless file transmission and 3D cloud attributes for simple control of the CAD.

3. Could I do 3D printing with the usage of computers only?

Computers (portable laptop or desktop) with a minimum AMD 64 processor and 8GB of RAM are popularly utilized for the 3D printer. However, it is even possible to 3D print without the PC at hand. There are 3D printers that are able to read SD cards.

Those kinds of printers have their control panel that you might use to stimulate the printing process. Various techniques for printing might even be finished via the browser or app.

4. Are 3D printers below 500 excellent?

Of course. However, keep in mind that printing a more complicated version can not have been as achievable since it does with the pricey versions. Other entry-level and hobbyist 3D printers are around $500.

5. Could I earn more money with the best 3D printer under $500?

Sure. You might earn money with the 3D printer. There is a wide range of solutions which you might do, whether it is selling 3D printed things, digital goods, or also providing the 3D printing service around your local zone. 

Closing Ideas

It is worth highlighting that our instruction shows only a limited number of 3D printers, and there are countless others out there. Still, those five top picks are a perfect entry point into 3D printing and generate more high outcomes without bleeding you dry financially. Finally, if you need our help related to choosing the best 3D printer under $500, please raise more questions in the comment box below.  

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