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Announcing the 2011 Gordon Research Seminar on the Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics!

June 25 - June 26, 2011 at Waterville Valley Resort, Waterville Valley, NH, USA



  • Maeva Vignes, Institut Curie
Gordon Web Site: 2011 Program: Waterville Valley, NH, USA
Application deadline: This conference is oversubscribed.  See the GRC web page for details.

This Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar precedes the Gordon Research Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics.  Click here to see that program.

Unofficial Technical Program

Apologies for any errors. The official (and more complete) program is at the GRS website, but the program on this page might be updated more often. Last update: 21 July 2011.


    • Keynote Lecture
      • Martin Bazant (Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology); "Desalination shocks in microstructures"
    • Separations and Analyte Transport in Microdevices; Discussion Leaders: Augusto Tentori (University of California at Berkeley) and Ioana Dumitrescu (university of Texas at Austin)
      • Samuel Tia (University of California at Berkeley) "Rapid microfluidic western blotting of multiple native analytes"
      • Giancarlo Garcia-Schwarz (Stanford University) "Sample dispersion in isotachophoresis"
      • Elizabeth A. Strychalski (National Institute of Standards and Technology) "Expanding the capabilities of microfluidic gradient elution moving boundary electrophoresis for complex samples"
      • Sung Jae Kim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "A portable and battery-powered seawater desalination/disinfection system by ion concentration polarization"
    • Microhydrodynamics and Fluid Behavior; Discussion Leaders: Soojung Claire Hur (University of California, Los Angeles) and Tomasz Glawdel (University of Waterloo)
      • Sharon M. Vuong (Carnegie-Mellon University) "Tuning bubbly structures in microchannels"
      • Hyoungsoo Kim (Delft University of Technology) "Study on moving contact lines at Re~O(100)"
      • Vikram Singh (Cornell University) "Using shape to tune particle motion at low Reynolds number"
      • Daniel R. Gossett (University of California at Los Angeles) "A powerful new high-throughput tool for measuring the deformability of single cells"
    • Microfluidics and Pathology; Discussion Leader: Tao Sun (Masachusetts Institute of Technology)
      • Julia Schuette (Natural and Medical Science Institute and the University of Tuebingen) "Artificial micro organs- a microfluidic 3D liver cell culture as a tool for the in vitro assessment of liver toxicity"
      • Kelly M. Karns (University of California at Berkeley) "Microfluidic homogeneous immunoassays allow human tear protein biomarker diagnostics in dry eye patients"