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Microfluidics Gordon Research Conference Attendees

2011 Gordon Research Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics

June 26 - July 1, 2011 at Waterville Valley Resort, Waterville Valley, NH, USA



Gordon Web Site: 2011 Program: Waterville Valley, NH, USA
Previous Microfluidics Gordon Conferences: 2009 Program: Il Ciocco, Lucca, Italy
  2007 Program: Waterville Valley, NH, USA
  2005 Program: Oxford, UK
  2003 Program: Big Sky, MT, USA
  2001 Program: Oxford, UK

For information, see the Gordon Research Conference website at

Unofficial Technical Program

Apologies for any errors. The official (and more complete) program is at the GRC website, but the program on this page might be updated more often. Last update: 19 July 2011.


    • Novel Microseparations and Related Transport; Discussion Leader: Hang Lu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
      • Amy Herr (University of California at Berkeley); "Next-generation proteomics via spatiotemporal control of transport and reactions"
      • Marcella Chiari (Italian National Research Council); "Optical interference: Nanoscale biological imaging, label-free protein microarrays, and single pathogen detection"
    • Complex Low-Re flows; Discussion Leader: Brian Storey (Olin University)
      • Patrick Doyle (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "Using microfluidics to produce functional microgel particles"
      • Howard Stone (Princeton University) "Bacterial streamers and the potential influence of secondary flows"
      • Patrick Tabeling (ESPCI) "Interface dynamics in Newtonian and polymer flows"
    • Biophysical measurements in microfluidic systems; Discussion Leader: Hyongsok (Tom) Soh (University of California, Santa Barbara)
      • Yoshinobu Baba (Nagoya University) "Nanomaterials and nanostructures using semiconductor, nanofabrication and chemical technologies"
      • Madhavi Krishnan (ETH Zurich) " 'Force-free' trapping and assembly of nanometric objects in a fluid"
    • Interfacial Phenomena; Discussion Leader: Victor Ugaz (Texas A&M University)
      • Phil Attard (University of Sydney) "Reliable AFM measurements of the slip length in microfluidic flow"
      • Shashi Murthy (Northeastern University) "Adhesive surfaces in microfluidic channels: New directions and surface chemistry"
      • Hiroyuki Noji (University of Tokyo) "Single-molecule physiology"
    • Droplet Flows; Discussion Leader: Shelley Anna (Carnegie-Mellon University)
      • Helmut Strey (SUNY Stony Brook) "Droplet microfluidic methods for high-throughput single-cell genomics"
      • Roy Bar-Ziv (Weitzman Institute) "Vibrational dynamics of droplet crystals in microfluidic devices"
    • Electrokinetic Phenomena; Discussion Leader: Ulrich Tallarek (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
      • Jonathan Posner (Arizona State) "Electrokinetic Locomotion"
      • Peter Gascoyne (M.D. Anderson Cancer Center) "Dielectrophoresis for isolation of circulating tumor cells"
      • Juan Santiago (Stanford University) "On-chip nucleic acid extraction and profiling using isotachophoresis"
    • Novel Fluid Physics; Discussion Leader: Adrienne Minerick (Michigan Technological University)
      • Abraham Stroock (Cornell University) "Microfluidic flows at negative pressures"
      • Dino DiCarlo (University of California at Los Angeles) "Inertial microfluidics"
    • Bioanalytical Microdevices; Discussion Leader: Frances Ligler (Naval Research Laboratory)
      • Catherine Klapperich (Boston University) "Biochemical challenges in microfluidic diagnostics"
      • Nancy Albritton (University of North Carolina) "Microfabricated Systems for Cellular Analysis in Single Cells"
      • Shuichi Takayama (University of Michigan) "Micro- and nanofluidic systems for cell and dna analysis"
    • Advanced Transport; Discussion Leader: Gary Slater (University of Ottawa)
      • David Inglis (Macquarie University) "Anisotropy in Bump Arrays, red blood cells in complex shear gradients, and gradient electrofocussing in nanochannels. Around the lab in 30 minutes."
      • Jonas Tegenfeldt (Lund University) "Deterministic lateral displacement for morphology- and deformability-based fractionation"s