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Microfluidics Gordon Research Conference Attendees

Photo: 2011 Microfluidics GRC on the Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics.

2014 Gordon Research Conference on Rare Cells in Circulation: Circulating Tumor Cells and Metastasis

3 Aug - 8 Aug 2014 at Mount Holyoke University, South Hadley, MA, USA



  • Andrew Rhim, University of Michigan
  • Howard Scher, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Gordon Web Site: 2014 Program: Mount Holyoke, South Hadley, MA USA

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Unofficial Technical Program

Apologies for any errors. The official program is the one on the GRC website, but the program on this page might be updated more often. Last update: 28 Jan 2014.


  • Translating Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Capture Technologies for Widespread Clinical Use (Shannon Stott, MGH)
  • Dissemination and Self-Seeding: New Insights into the Role of Circulating Cells (Max Wicha, Michigan)
  • What Do CTCs Tell Us About the Pre-Metastatic Niche? (Thea Tlsty, UCSF / Tony Hollingsworth ,Nebraska)
  • Prognosis with CTCs: Getting Beyond Hazard Ratio and Kaplan-Meier (David Nanus, WCMC / Daniel Danila, MSKCC)
  • Can CTCs Be Used to Diagnose and Stage Cancer? (Anriban Maitra, Johns Hopkins)
  • Can CTCs and Progenitor Cells Inform Surgical and Medical Treatment? (Linda Vahdat, Weill-Cornell Medical College)
  • Mining Molecular Analyses of CTCs (Jim Hicks, Cold Spring Harbor)
  • Interaction of Chemotherapy with CTCs (Stuart Martin, U. Maryland)
  • EMT: Phenotypic Changes and its Effect on CTC Data and its Interpretation (Jing Yang, UCSD)